Line and Frame:

A Survey of European Comic Art

Location: Gallery Danese/Corey, 511 West 22nd Street, New York, NY

On View: February 28 - March 14, 2020    


Art9 was pleased to present "Line and Frame" the first comprehensive exhibition of European comic art in the United States. We were able to bring together over fifty of the most renowned comic artists from Belgium, France, Germany, Italia, Switzerland and Spain. We hoped that Line and Frame provided a pertinent overview of original comic art from the last 70 years.

Some of the artists who were featured:  Bablet, Beltran, BessBilal, Boucq, Breccia, Bretécher, Capuana, Cestac, Claveloux, Crecy, Crepax, David B., Druillet, Franquin, Gipi, Giraud, Guarnido, Hergé, Jijé, Juillard, Killoffer, Ledroit, Liberatore,  Loisel, Manara, Manoukian, Margerin, Marini, Maroh, Martin, Mézières, Moebius, Montellier, Ott, Peyo, Pratt, Schmitt, Schuiten, Serpieri, Tardi, Toppi, Vance, Vatine, Yslaire.


A percentage of all proceeds were donated to ComicBooks For Kids!, a charity that provides comic books to children in hospitals and cancer centers across North America.

Enki Bilal: “Vertebrati Couple II”, 2014, Acrylic on canvas

(Courtesy: Glénat)